TVHS Cheer Program

“Cheerleaders have the unique ability to connect a crowd to a game, a community to a school and school groups to each other to feel a part of something bigger than just their particular groups.”

TVHS Cheerleaders are athletes who not only possess the cheerleading requirements – stunting, motions, jumps and tumbling skills – but more importantly, leadership, teamwork, positive attitude and the passion to become a better person through educational-based athletics.  Cheerleaders are ambassadors of TVHS, and must make appearances at events in the community to represent the school in a positive light. Being a cheerleader means supporting TVHS, and supporting other team members.

We are one team; one family.

Core Values

  • Teamwork – As a member of a team, I am not in it alone.  I have to work with the others to ensure that we are a success.  The team comes first. Every member is an important part of the team as a whole.
  • Dedication – As a member of my team, I signed up for it all.  The team cannot be a team without its members. This lesson leads to the next.
  • Respect and Encouragement – Everyone on the team is a vital member.  We should respect each other and encourage each other to achieve their goals and dreams.  Without this, we will not have a successful team.

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